Open multiple links

You can use this free online tool to open different URLs at the same time. It works by creating a new tab in your browser for each URL you type into the textarea below. All major web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, are supported. Your browser may freeze for a few seconds if you open too many different links at once.

If you are using Google Chrome make sure you allow popups for

  1. Place your links on the available input box and click on "Submit Links".
  2. Each link must start on a new line.
  3. If links cannot be opened via the "Open Links" button, you will have to check the pop-up or javascript settings on your browser.

Who needs to use the multi URL website opener tool?

The following users can use this tool for work purposes

Webmaster: If you are working as an SEO expert or webmaster, this tool is very useful. Because you need to access a number of sites and open all the URLs at the same time. This is a multi site open utility that allows you to post all URLs and open multiple URLs at once.

Content Writers: Content writers need to do too much research on a topic before writing it and look for plagiarism to turn it around and make it unique and relevant. To do this, you need to open multiple website link to collect the data. This tool is useful for them.