- 06/11/2013: If you are using Google Chrome make sure you allow popups for You can open links in new tabs with Google Chrome instead of new windows, by simply pressing ctrl (for Windows) or cmd (for Mac) key while clicking on "Open Links" button.

- 29/09/2012: Google Chrome has been reported to be opening only two tabs. On the right-hand side of the URL bar try to allow popups for Mozilla Firefox and Safari work as they used to.

- Place your links on the available input box and click on "Submit Links".
- All links must have the http://, https:// or ftp:// prefix.
- Each link must start on a new line.
- If links cannot be opened via the "Open Links" button, you will have to check the pop-up or javascript settings on your browser.

- If you need further help, please contact me at admin@ rapidlinkr. com.